The Essayist Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

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Life teaches us something but sometimes we’re not quite sure what. That’s why I like to read what others have to say on the subject because then I can putt my own experience into perspective. The other day while browsing my friends tweets on twitter I came across a post about a related topic “How shall you live your life?”, naturally I was curious because as a Buddhist I thought I should know something about this topic.

The post references the essayist Michel Eyquem de Montaigne who lived a few hundred years ago and is seen by some as being the Father of bloggers! Certainly he wrote about his everyday thoughts and feelings which makes him somewhat of a unique character for the time. I suggest you read both articles. For the impatient I’ve listed the main points he makes about how to live your life below:

  1. Don’t worry about death
  2. Pay attention
  3. Be born
  4. Read a lot, forget most of what you read, and be slow-witted
  5. Survive love and loss
  6. Use little tricks
  7. Question everything
  8. Keep a private room behind the shop
  9. Be convivial: live with others
  10. Wake from the sleep of habit
  11. Live temperately
  12. Guard your humanity
  13. Do something no one has done before
  14. See the world
  15. Do a good job, but not too good a job
  16. Philosophize only by accident
  17. Reflect on everything; regret nothing
  18. Give up control
  19. Be ordinary and imperfect
  20. Let life be its own answer

The Essays of Michel De Montaigne can be downloaded from

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