Happy Earth Day!

Image via Wikipedia I always thought Earth Day was a recent thing but this is not the case. The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970. The founder, Senator Gaylord Nelson, wanted to put environmental issues on the Political agenda. The first Earth day was a tremendous success. This is how Senator Nelson… Read More Happy Earth Day!

WordNet – Glossary Of Terms

What follows was taken from the original WordNet document which is located here: http://wordnet.princeton.edu/man/wngloss.7WN.html. Information in WordNet is organized around logical groupings called synsets. Each synset consists of a list of synonymous words or collocations (eg. “fountain pen” , “take in” ), and pointers that describe the relations between this synset and other synsets. A… Read More WordNet – Glossary Of Terms


  Image via Wikipedia The study of metaphor is important for understanding the creative use of language. When we narrate stories metaphor is often how we bring what we are saying to life. Metaphor also helps us cope with complexity. Business writers utilize metaphor to make economic concepts more accessible. Enriching your writing with metaphors… Read More Metaphor

Britain's Alvey programme of collaborative research in Information Technology

  During the 1980s the Japanese government in conjunction with the IT industry starting working on 5th Generation Computers . The main goal of this project was to increase their international competitiveness by creating computers the likes of which had not been seen before. Not long after the Japanese published their decision to push forward… Read More Britain's Alvey programme of collaborative research in Information Technology


Image via Wikipedia   Using words that imitate the sound they donate is not something I’m aware of doing most of the time. Probably because I don’t live my life in the style of Batman and Robin. Despite this, when I came across  an interesting blogpost about onomatopoeia on HubPages I just had to give… Read More Onomatopoeia

Experience vs Memory

This TED talk by Daniel Kahneman is about how our experiencing selves and our remembering selves perceive happiness differently. TED Talk: The riddle of experience [DDET Transcript – click to expand!] Everybody talks about happiness these days. I had somebody count the number of books with “happiness” in the title published in the last five… Read More Experience vs Memory