Exploring Vocabulary And Concepts With Tropes Zoom

So many words to keep track of!. 

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Discourse analysis software can help you improve your reading skills to no end.  Firstly you can identify areas of the text where you might have a problem because they contain a lot of unfamiliar words. Secondly, you can explore how an author uses words that you are already familiar with. The list of things you can do goes on and is only bounded by your imagination.

If you are still interested then I suggest you download the full version of Tropes Zoom, V8.0a. This program will help you identify the vocabulary and concepts structuring the articles and books you read. When you open a file for Tropes to analyze you can quickly identify word categories, verbs, adjectives and substantives. You can also study the chronology of a discourse because the text is divided up into episodes. The text within each episode is then analyzed further to identify areas where particular words have a high frequency of occurrence.

Tropes Zoom comes with some helpful tools. You can extract terminology and generate a spread sheet aiding the Semantic Analysis or Classification of a document. These tools also help you with Key Word extraction and Linguistic Qualitative Analysis.

If you are thinking that this software is too complicated then think again. The online help system is adequate and you can do a lot without even reading a single help page!

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