Gesture Based Computing

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Gesture Based Computing has a long History dating back to the 50s when the first tablet was developed for Handwriting Recognition (Stylator). More elaborate devices and systems employing Gesture Recognition appeared in the 60s. Rand demonstrated their tablet which was the first graphical computer input device and Ivan Sutherland completed the Sketchpad system as a part of his PhD thesis.

Interest in Touch Screen Input Devices continued to grow as the speed and cost of hardware decreased. During the 70s, Gesture Recognition became a part of many commercial CAD systems, but towards the end of the 80s interest began to decline because many users found light pens tiring to use.

The film, “The Minority Report”, can be said to mark the start of a new era in computing. Once again Gesture Recognition is becoming popular and a standard part of many hand held devices.

To find out more why not watch these videos:

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