Text Analytics

Image via Wikipedia Text Analytics is an area worth investigating if you’re interested in applying your hard earned knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar within a realistic context. For the uninitiated, there are some interesting web pages that cover the basics and introduce you to the tools and techniques of the trade. If you want… Read More Text Analytics

WordNet – Glossary Of Terms

What follows was taken from the original WordNet document which is located here: http://wordnet.princeton.edu/man/wngloss.7WN.html. Information in WordNet is organized around logical groupings called synsets. Each synset consists of a list of synonymous words or collocations (eg. “fountain pen” , “take in” ), and pointers that describe the relations between this synset and other synsets. A… Read More WordNet – Glossary Of Terms


Image via Wikipedia   Using words that imitate the sound they donate is not something I’m aware of doing most of the time. Probably because I don’t live my life in the style of Batman and Robin. Despite this, when I came across  an interesting blogpost about onomatopoeia on HubPages I just had to give… Read More Onomatopoeia

Words classifiable in four different ways as a noun, adjective, verb and adverb

Image by margolove via Flickr Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs Words classifiable in four different ways as either a noun, adjective, verb or adverb, are very useful when you’re trying to understand the semantic relationships that exist between words that are defined in Wordnet. You may or may not know that Wordnet is a free lexical… Read More Words classifiable in four different ways as a noun, adjective, verb and adverb

Tense Summary

Cover of English Verbs Present tenses Simple present (or simply “present”): “I listen.” For many verbs, this is used to express habit or ability (e.g. “I play the guitar”, “Listen to me please”.). Present continuous: “I am listening.” This is used to express what most other languages use the simple present tense for. Note that… Read More Tense Summary