The Wordplay application is designed to help advanced learners and teachers explore vocabulary. The interface is very basic and is due an upgrade. The main and only page, contains 6 tabs which are discussed below. The uppercase letters represent the name of a tab.

WN – random words with their definitions

This tab, contains a list of 10 random words with their definitions taken from Wordnet. The output of the program for a single word is shown below:


  • any spatial attributes (especially as defined by outline); “he could barely make out their shapes”
  • the spatial arrangement of something as distinct from its substance; “geometry is the mathematical science of shape”
  • alternative names for the body of a human being; “Leonardo studied the human body”; “he has a strong physique”; “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”
  • a concrete representation of an otherwise nebulous concept; “a circle was the embodiment of his concept of life”
  • the visual appearance of something or someone; “the delicate cast of his features”
  • the state of (good) health (especially in the phrases `in condition’ or `in shape’ or `out of condition’ or `out of shape’)
  • the supreme headquarters that advises NATO on military matters and oversees all aspects of the Allied Command Europe
  • a perceptual structure; “the composition presents problems for students of musical form”; “a visual pattern must include not only objects but the spaces between them”
  • shape or influence; give direction to; “experience often determines ability”; “mold public opinion”
  • make something, usually for a specific function; “She molded the rice balls carefully”; “Form cylinders from the dough”; “shape a figure”; “Work the metal into a sword”
  • give shape or form to; “shape the dough”; “form the young child’s character”

WL – a random selection of words

This tab, contains a list of 10 random words without their definitions taken from Wordnet:

  • admiringly
  • feed_back
  • psephology
  • cytoplasmically
  • lake_baykal
  • citrus_reticulata
  • high-keyed
  • unchanging
  • punk
  • profane

CW – crossword

This tab, contains a crossword, the shape and size of which varies every time you press the “go” button.

MC – pick the right definition of a word

This tab, contains a list of words for which you have to choose the definition. For example, the definition of self-centred is number 1 below.


  1. limited to or caring only about yourself and your own needs
  2. regardless
  3. brush-tailed rat kangaroo
  4. in a deceptive and unrealistic manner
  5. interpret by lipreading

GF – A gap fill exercise

This tab, contains 5 groups of 5 sentences where the same word has been removed from each sentence within a group. For the example given below, “copies” is the one word that will complete every sentence

fell                  failed                     copies                   autumn                twelve

  • In the present case, the retail profit on three copies only, namely, 4s.
  • Two copies of the bill of lading should be made out.
  • This is a limited pressing and only 500 copies will be available worldwide.
  • This mode of producing copies is very similar to the preceding.
  • This is 5,000 copies of the Complete Shakespeare on one disk, or less then $1 per copy.

DL – The doublet puzzle, a game invented by Lewis Carroll

The doublet puzzle, requires you to transform one word into another by changing only one letter at a time. Each intermediate word must also be a word. The puzzle can be quite difficult though some people seem to have a knack for finding solutions.

Here is an example where the word rocky is transformed into chore:
cocky (r changed to c)
cooky (c changed to o)
cooke (y changed to e)
choke (o changed to h)
chore (k changed to r)

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